We have recently put the new Hiscox cases website live.  Hiscox are world renowned musical instrument case maker based here in Cannock.  Hiscox have been producing cases for hobby musicians through to giant recording artists the world over since 1985.

Last year we completed their Hiscox Live website for them and they were so pleased that they asked us to create a brand new website to replace the existing Hiscox Cases one they had, had for years.
The new website is built on a Content Management System so that Hiscox can make changes to the website themselves, it also has built in e-commerce functionality so that their cases can be sold through the website.
A big part of building the website, was making it easier for the end user to find out the information they needed about the particular case they require for their instrument.  The previous website was more geared up for factory use, but now through a wide range of options their clients can find what they are after thanks to improved search functionality and even handy illustrations that help guide them to what they are after quicker and easier.
The new website has only been live for a week or so but is already enjoying increased traffic and has completed numerous sales of cases worldwide.