We’ve been so busy over the last few months that we never got round to celebrating our Seventh birthday!

S7 Media Limited is a family run business that was born back in November 2008, after the idea of our own design company was drawn up on a family holiday. We started out predominately as a web design company, however as our business has expanded and diversified just like the very industry we’re involved in, we’ve grown and successfully added some new strings to our bow.

Although web design is still our calling card, we have seen massive growth in our print service over the last couple of years.  Printing is something that we  love as it is very satisfying to design a nice glossy brochure, some classy business cards or an exhibition stand and then produce it, and see it come to life.

Printing has become such an important part of the business that it has allowed us to take on our younger brothers Adam and Ashley as apprentices, which will strengthen the family business even more, as they learn the graphic design ropes and printing production techniques that we incorporate.

Not only has traditional media such as printing and stationery grown, but also newer technologies have brought about new services and products we offer, including social media, app design, mobile websites and search engine optimisation (SEO).

In our early days, Facebook and Twitter were in their infancies too, and had yet to become the mega powers that they are today.  Little did we know back then how important these two platforms would become as marketing tools.  The service is something that we’ve seen a sharp uptake in as our clients understand the importance of getting their message out to as many prospective clients as possible.

Search Engine Optimisation has been a very successful area of our business too.  We have a collection of clients who contract us to take care of Search Engine Optimisation for them and they are very happy with the results that our hard work yields.  Although getting the number one spot or on the first page of google for your desired search terms can’t be guaranteed (any one who guarantees you, is telling porkies!) we have got an excellent track record of getting our clients there or thereabouts, for example one of clients builds new housing developments and thanks to our SEO work they are standing toe to toe with the national big boys and on some search terms they even rank above them!

Our first seven years have had their ups and downs, and starting a business in the absolute midst of the worst post-war recession would indicate that it would be tough, but every year we’ve grown and have just completed another record year!  We’re pleased to say that a lot of our business is built on referrals, from customers that have been impressed with our impartial, trustworthy, knowledgeable and non-pushy manner. We’re particularly pleased that a good chunk of customers are start-ups who are ‘giving it a go’ and it’s always a privilege for us to be involved with developing and marketing their new brand or business. After all, we were in the same position and we know the feeling of excitement and keeping within budget only too well!

Please keep checking back to our website, as over the Christmas break we will be making a few changes and will be making a concerted effort to get our case studies and portfolio section overhauled, as we said earlier it has been an extremely busy period for us and haven’t been able to dedicate some time to our own website.  We have a batch of lovely branding and some new content management system websites and e-commerce websites that are due to go live that we want to show off!

Anyway, we’d like to thank everyone who has been involved with S7; all of our customers who took a leap of faith and trusted us to deliver when we started up all those years ago (nearly all of which are still with us), our new and existing customers, and to our families for all their support!


Scott, Ritchie, Ashley and Adam.