Over the past year we’ve been rolling out our Search Engine Optimisation service to a handful of select customers at a very competitive rate. We’re now offering this service to present and new customers.

So what is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO as it is often referred to, is the process of developing your existing website and its content in a way which will improve the position of a link to your website on a search engine, from when a potential customer searches for a particular keyword or phrase that you are trying to target. For example, our client NDE Clarke Pitchline, who manufacture transmission components in Coventry, want to find customers who are searching for ‘gear spindles‘. With our SEO package they ‘rank’ number one on Google.

Do I need SEO for my website?

At S7 we pride ourselves on our work. We like to think we make beautiful websites that are easy to use and convert visits to sales. However, you can have a well-functioning website, but if no one can see it, what’s the point? Sometimes, just writing your content straight off the bat works well enough for your site to rank well for particular keywords. However, if you are targeting multiple keywords, you need to carefully optimise your site using an array of tools, alongside well-written content. Like our customer Topflite Stairs, in Cannock, a Midlands-based staircase manufacturer, they wish to target customers in the South East and London, as well as construction companies looking for staircases for new builds.

The proof is in the search engine pudding!

Companies currently benefiting from our SEO service include NDE Clarke Pitchline, who are ranking number one in Google with ‘gear spindles’, and on the first page with ‘gear type couplings’. Midland Container Storage, a self storage company in Burntwood, have seen an increase in enquiries after appearing on the front page. As well as working with Topflite Stairs, we’ve just started to work with Bangle Box, a company based in Wolverhampton specialising in Asian and Western fashion, such as sarees and anarkali.

Interested in our SEO services?

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