Google have now decided that websites without an SSL certificate will be penalised in the search rankings. Simply put, a website with an SSL certificate installed normally has https:// at the start of the website in the address bar and the image of a padlock that you will have no doubt seen when browsing websites. If your site doesn’t have either of these then Google will no longer see your website as safe.

Websites with SSLs will be ranked higher than those without one, but fear not – for a very negligible, one off fee of £50 we can install one to your static or content management system website, which should help you remain in Google’s good graces.

To have your SSL certificate installed please call us on 01543 573329 and we can arrange an installation date for you.

If you have a support contract or an SEO package we will be in touch to arrange installation of you certificate free of charge.

If you have an E-Commerce website don’t despair! We can arrange an SSL certificate to suit, but these are done in a slightly different way to non-selling websites so please contact us for more information.