Spend £25 with Google and S7 will give you £50 to promote your website in Cannock

Until the end of June, all S7 Media customers who are a new Google AdWords customers (registered in the last fortnight, or not yet signed up) can spend £25 and get a further £50 free from Google. That will give you a total of £75 Google AdWords credit to spend on promoting your company and website. We’ve got 30 vouchers to give away. To get the £50, spend your initial £25 first, and you’ll be credited within five days.

We’ve found that many of our customers, who are local businesses in our area of Cannock, are selling products or providing services throughout the UK. Some of these clients rely solely on their website as their main revenue stream. To reach more customers, Google AdWords are a quick, easy marketing tool to achieve guaranteed visits.

For more information, please call us on 01543 573329 or email us using our contact form.

The other alternative is a search engine optimisation campaign, which we offer, where instead of spending money with Google directly for adverts, we tailor-create a campaign to grow your website’s rankings in the ‘organic’ listing. This is a set fee, and you don’t pay per click.