We have created various estate agents websites over the years, but recently completed two at the same time, so we thought we would compare and contrast the two of them.

Firstly we have Flint and Co Estate agents in Cannock, who typed “web design cannock” into Google, liked our website and gave us a call, and we also have Moving Forward who have worked with us before on another project.

Flint and Co

Both website design results are quite different, but we enjoyed the process with both companies and are happy with the end results.

Flint and Co had quite a dated website before we did their new one for them. It was very clunky and not very user friendly, plus the way the colour schemes were used were not visually great for reading the information on their website.  After following the brief, Flint and Co’s website now has more of a corporate feel to it, but is friendly and easy to navigate.  They use Vebra to list their properties, so we have seamlessly integrated this into the website, so that nothing changes from their workflow point of view, which is something that was key for them.  Flint and Co’s website can be visited here.

Moving Forward

We have worked with the guys over at Moving Forward on other projects in the past, so they were only too happy to use us again on this project.  Moving Forward wanted to rip the script up with their website, and go for a very visual, animated and fun feel for it.

The website is easy to navigate and very bright!  The first job we were tasked with doing for Moving Forward was their branding, which the website has followed and their little animated mascot sale board, that can be found taking the journey with you around their website.

The website also benefits from colour changes and animation in the background to keep it dynamic at all times.

Although the website is very playful on the exterior, it’s serious under the bonnet, as we have integrated their listing software into the website too, their software of choice is Resi.

To view the Moving Forward website, please click here.

Can we help?

You like Flint and Co, may have just typed web design Cannock into Google  and now you are here, you may need help with your web project! If you do, we’re glad you’re here, and we would only be too glad to help!
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